ERA Institute Senior Fellow Participates in “ToMidEast” Summer School

ERA Institute Senior Fellow Anna Kruglova recently took part in the “ToMidEast” Summer School program. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

In the end of June I took part in the ToMidEast summer school program, organized by the University of Torino. The title of the program was “The political economy of the Middle East”, where the participants met great researchers and professionals, both from the West and the region. We were given lectures on various topics such as the oil factor on the Middle East, Islamism and economy, migration issues in the Middle East. I can say, that this week gave me loads of new and interesting information that is definitely useful for a good understanding of the region. It was also a great pleasure to engage with discussions with professors and fellow-students, learning how different perspectives and opinions on the same issue may be. This was really an extremely rewarding experience, and I cannot wait to implement this knowledge on practice!

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