Book Review: “Red Notice”


The “Red Notice” is Bill Browder’s personal experience in dealing with Russia.

In the early days of his financial career he, like no one, saw big opportunities in Russia and decided to take the risk. Likely, there were not too many Western investors who had business in Russia in those early days of post-soviet Russia. It was a time of ambiguity combined with hope for a brighter future. There was a deficit in everything — a shortage of food, clothes, electronics, and all the basic human needs. Even his multibillion dollar company’s office consisted only of one table, a few chairs and a fax machine. But there wasn’t a deficit of good and genuine people. People who always were willing to help and be by each other’s side on the challenging journey of making business success in Russia.  The story of some of them will end tragically like Serghey Magnitsky’s life. There is no better book than “Red Notice” in the search of Magnitsky’s case.  From the days he begged Serghey to leave Russia in order to save his life to the weeks he spent in Washington to plead Serghey’s case, the “Red Notice” describes the real motivation behind the 2012 Magnitsky Act.

The book is an example of a real corruption case on how a chosen handful of tax officials in Russia used state money to make themselves rich and how anyone who is willing to speak about it can overnight become a persona non grata.

Keywords: Post Soviet-Russia; Sergei Magnitsky Case; Autobiography
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