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ERA Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan e-think tank that employs innovative technology to deliver strategic research and analysis on national security economic geopolitical interests of the United States in Eurasia.

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Russian Military Build-up Next to Ukrainian Border: What Do We Know?

In late March, news about major Russian military build-up near Ukrainian border began to emerge in Ukraianian media space. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba later confirmed that Russia has been amassing its troops along the eastern border and in Crimea. Multiple videos on social media show Russian armored convoys moving

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Economic Consequences of the Protests in Belarus

Key Takeaways In 6 months of protests in Belarus, over 33 thousand people have been detained, and 269 persons are currently designated as political prisoners. Estimates place the loss from the ongoing unrest in Belarus at $500 million. Belarusian IT professionals are being offered fast-track visas by several neighboring countries,

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